Tier 1 + 20 EDGE Module Bundle

Tier 1 + 20 EDGE Module Bundle

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The Tier 1 bundle allows you to choose ANY 10 of the CPD online courses. Once purchased email admin@learnem.com.au with the selected courses to complete the enrolment process. 

Available courses to choose from are: 

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (CPR)*
  • ABCDs of Resuscitation of the Critically ill Patient*
  • ABCDs of the Critically ill Child*
  • Emergency Airway Managements in the Critically ill Patient*
  • Mechanical Ventilation in Emergency Medicine
  • Non-invasive Ventilation in Emergency Medicine*
  • ABCDs of Acute Behavioural Emergencies*
  • Procedural Sedation and Analgesia*
  • Bedside Blood Gas Interpretation
  • Assessment and Management of Obstetric Emergencies
  • Assessment and Management of Acute Pain
  • Responding to the Deteriorating Patient
  • ECG Interpretation in Emergency Practice – 1
  • ECG Interpretation in Emergency Practice – 2
  • Diagnosis and Emergency Management of Cardiac Arrhythmias – 1
  • Diagnosis and Emergency Management of Cardiac Arrhythmias – 2
  • Eye Emergencies 1 – Assessment / Acute Red Eye / Pharmacology
  • Eye Emergencies 2 – Eye Trauma and Acute Visual Loss
  • Acute Orthopaedic Injury 1 – X-ray Interpretation and Upper Limb Injury
  • Acute Orthopaedic Injury 2 – Lower Limb Injury and Joint Dislocation
  • Bedside Emergency Ultrasound 1 – Physics, Knobology, Ultrasound Guided Procedures
  • Bedside Emergency Ultrasound 2 – Aorta, Trauma, Lung
  • Bedside Emergency Ultrasound 3 – IVC Examination and Basic Echocardiography
  • Medical Emergencies in Primary Care*
  • Paediatric Emergencies in Primary Care*
  • ECG Interpretation I Primary Care*

Registration is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

* These courses are currently accredited with RACGP and ACRRM for the 2020-2022 triennium. Accreditation is pending on all other courses.

Please note this bundle has to be manually processed by LearnEM staff. Your access to the course will be processed as soon as possible but please be aware there will be a delay when purchased outside of normal business hours or on weekends.